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"We never are what we intend or invent."

-Brand New "At the Bottom"

Monday, March 7, 2011

A New Beginning

Dear You,

Let me begin by saying that it is nearly 3 in the morning as I write this. Sleep always feels wonderful but I can't help but think I can do so much more during that time. Do you ever feel like that as well? I hope so; it's easier (obviously) to blog about things people will have a high chance of understanding. Weird, though; Shouldn't we all empathize with each other seeing as we're all humans?

I guess I should start by telling you a bit about myself before you get bored with my inquiries and such. Well, by now I hope you've guessed that I'm extremely inquisitive. I always always question and analyze things. Well...not always...I'm not completely shut away in my mind ALL the time; I am a fun, somewhat extroverted person. I love to talk and I especially love to hear the thoughts or opinions of another. Their thoughts/opinions/beliefs serve as a midnight snack for my mind to chew and digest=) Most of what I talk about is intellectual haha or at least I think so based on what my friends have told me! My sense of humor can be a bit vulgar and crude sometimes...without intention. Most of the time. I don't know if I'll ever display it within this blog; probably, seeing as a majority of my coarse humor typically slips out. I smile alot (or at least in this case, use smiley icons to express the fact that I am actually smiling haha); Generally, I am a very content person, I don't like being sad or angry or negative. The way I see it is that being negative takes up too much time and use of the mind. Oh! And, I should really point out that I am immensely curious. ALL the time. I love learning and wondering about various concepts and subjects. So, you know I'm always interested in your thoughts. Unless....you're a cliche person and are a clone of every other person out there (SIDENOTE- it's 3-11..."Whoaaa...Amber is the color of your energy...Whoaa..."). My definition of a cliche person? People who tend to look the same as others, talk the same as others, and do every other thing the same as others. Haha then disguise their similarity by saying trite phrases such as "Nobody understands me," or "I'm different from other people/I'm soooooo weird!" and etc....You all know someone like that....that person who honestly has to try to be different or stand out. I'm not saying there's something wrong with being different or weird or eccentric. On the contrary, it's fine with me! But, we're all obviously different, aren't we? There's no need to try to be a mainstream-fueled idea of what "different," is 'cause then, if you follow that mainstrem-fueled idea of "different," there's going to be a bunch of other clones just like you trying to be that concept of "different." Irony. Just be yourself. Otherwise, you'll end up looking like a tool. Nobody likes tools. Except Bob the Builder AHAHAH ahhhh...fail=). Anyway....yeah haha that's about it =)

So I also should mention my purposes for starting a blog. Well, I guess I just want to share my thoughts publicly (whether anyone cares for them or not). A simple diary is similiar to blogging I suppose so why not just keep a diary? Well, I do have a diary which I do write in, but...haha I don't know....I guess I will find out what my purposes are and how they differ from a diary as I continue this blog. I like the idea of a public diary, I guess.....haha =)

Sooo....I can't really think of anything to say except for the fact that I have nothing more to say which is pretty...yeah, no haha. I guess this would be the right time to close this entry or whatever. Again, my name is _____, I'm seventeen years old and I am now officially a blogger! Let's see what will become of this....Good night....or good morning=)

Forever Endeavor,

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