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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sore Eyes and Masquerades

Good morning you!
So, it is just a minute past 2:30 am. What is a high schooler doing up at this hour, you may ask? Well, once I got home from school yesterday, I babysat, did all my work and then CRASHED.....hmm I love that feeling of going to sleep extremely early in the evening, waking up really late at night thinking it's really early in the morning. My eyes are a bit sore....you can tell you had a fucking good sleep when you wake up with sore eyes.

Although I kept falling asleep yesterday during school hours, I was in such a good mood despite the fact that I was getting shit for not being able to go to prom. Prom.....ugh stupid stupid dance. I should relay that this weekend I found out my tournament team and I placed first in a tournament we competed in a few weeks ago. The sport was bowling and not only did our team place first during the team event, but I placed first in my division during singles, celeste (my teammate and sister) placed first in her division, Vinny and Julian placed second and third in their division.....so yeah, we kicked ass. Anyway, because we kicked ass, we have the pressuring option to move on to state tournament I think which is held up in Yuma. It's on April 2nd....same day as Prom.....and it's a two day tournament. Let me just declare at this point......I'm not the "high school social scene," type at all. Which includes dances, clubs, sports (although I did join the girls' bowling team this year). However, I was a bit excited about prom this year....only 'cause its going to be up near Pinnacle Peak in the Savoy Opera House and because they serve AMAZING food at these stupid dances as well as the fact that theme was actually something cool this year; instead of Hollywood Fusion, Mardi Gras, or Escape to Sin City and all the stupid usual crap they decide on, the theme is Phantom of the Opera/Masquerade....which is pretty damn awesome. See, if this had been any other tournament, I probably would have chosen prom over the tournament but......(horrible cliffhanger, I know) this tournament consists of scholarship money and college scouts.....and, God knows I need that; obviously, I chose the tournament instead of prom. Soooo......egg on my face right? Oh well, it's just prom I suppose. I still have graduation to look forward to=) Haha besides....now I have an actual excuse when somebody asks me to prom that I wouldn't really want to go with. It already happened. My buddy and ex boyfriend Carlos asked me earlier last week and instead of saying "no, I really don't want to go with you," I said "I have other plans, sorry," like a complete douchebag haha ahhh ohhh well Karma=) but I told him the truth a few days later!
Me: Yeah, remember when you asked me to prom only 2 days ago?
Him: Yeah, what?
Me: Well, I just didn't want to go with you. Sorry for lying.
Carlos: It's cool. I didn't really want to go with you anyway....I was just asking anyone to see,,,
Me: If you could get anyone?
Carlos: yeah
Me: Hahaha alright well, no hard feelings then! Want to walk with me to the bus since Brian's not here?
Carlos: Sure.

Haha he's a douchebag too. I mean, he asked me to prom over text like a complete tool anyway.

Hmmm man, I was really excited about Prom, too....I thought for sure I'd lose my virginity! haha KIDDING.
Haha I could imagine some hardcore Christian (probably old, too) just gawking and scoffing at this....=)

Anyway, I'm feel really....hmmm I don't know, but I'm going to go bathe haha. Sorry this entry was boring, I won't do it again I promise. Have a delectable day and remember: you can't always unscramble eggs=).

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